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These days, your web app is going to encounter more browsers than people a decade ago could have imagined - and your app has to deliver a high quality experience across all of them. Your site is sure to encounter the most recent browser versions, and browsers that haven’t been updated in years - not to mention add-ons and extensions. In the world of web, testing can be a challenge.

uTest makes it easy to test your web app in-the-wild across browsers, versions and devices to help you ensure your web experience works for your customers on the browsers and devices that matter to them.

What We Offer

In-the-Wild Testing

Test your web app with real users on real devices in-the-wild, where your users live, work and play.

In-the-Wild Testing

Testing in a lab can tell you a lot of things, but it can't tell you how your app will really work on your users desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

By moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the wild you can be sure your web app doesn't get hung up when it encounters old browsers, anti-virus software, add-ons, extensions, mobile browsers or any other real world factors.

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In-the-wild testing helps you feel confident that your app will work in the hands of all your users by moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the real world.

Instant Results

Your testing results are available immediately in the uTest platform as they are discovered.

Instant Results

The uTest Platform lets you track bug reports and test case results in real time and alerts you about the most recent issues and events. The platform also integrates with popular bug tracking systems to allow you to quickly and easily pass issues on to your in-house team.

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Improved Quality

With uTest, you'll get actionable information that will help you improve your app's quality and make sure it's ready for the real world.

Improved Quality

uTest Project Managers and Test Team Leads perform a pre-triage of your bugs to help you focus on the most important and crucial issues.

uTest also has testing experts in the community who can help you write test cases, evaluate your app's usability or make sure your app is secure. Together, we'll help you produce a high quality app that will please your users.

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uTest Web Customer Spotlights

Find out why companies from startups to Fortune 500s turn to uTest to improve their web app quality.

Answers.com Logo

When Answers.com wanted to launch a new product for web, mobile and Facebook, they turned to uTest to make sure it all worked.

Internet Brands Logo

With 800 million page views per month, Internet Brands used uTest to make sure their web apps work perfectly for as many users as possible.

DYMO Endicia Logo

DYMO Endicia needed to make sure their online postage application was user friendly - even to those who had never done postage printing before.

Mortgage Network Logo

With users relying on an online platform to manage borrowing and lending, it's imperative that Mortgage Network have a handle on security.

Thrill Call Logo

Thrillcall's new app was about to revolutionize concert discovery for music fans - but to succeed in-the-wild it needed testing first, and FAST.

myMDband Logo

Before launching its new medical records portal, myMDband needed to make sure its app was as secure as possible to protect sensitive information.

Support For All Testing Types

uTest provides in-the-wild testing solutions across the SDLC including functional, usability, security, localization and load.

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What It Costs

Getting started with uTest is more affordable than you may think. Find out how uTest can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"We wanted the ability to test across browsers and platforms in a way that could save us time and money. uTest enabled us to do just that."

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Heard the news?

In early 2014, uTest will be changing its name to Applause. With an expanded app quality offering including test services, tools, SDKs & integrated analytics, we will do even more to help companies delight their web & mobile users.

The uTest name will live on in our tester community, with an expanded offering for all facets of a tester’s professional life. This includes paid testing projects, hands-on training, networking, events, career resources & more.

While we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re pumped to tackle both of these bigger, bolder challenges. Get the details on this news here.