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There was a time when customized video was reserved for the big players, with big marketing budgets. Today, that’s no longer the case. In fact, video is now considered an essential component to any company’s marketing strategy, regardless of size. With that trend in mind, Craig Daniel co-founded VisibleGains.

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, VisibleGains helps companies of all sizes – from all over the globe – produce and track custom videos with a unique online platform. But before this technology could be deployed, it would first have to be tested across all major browsers and operating systems. Since Craig had been the lone tester up until that time, he knew that a more scalable solution was in order.

"Software testing is always one of the biggest pains, especially for a company our size. There’s always one more regression test, one more task that is needed – and that’s why uTest was such a great move for us."
-- Craig Daniel, Co-Founder, VP of Product, VisibleGains

This case study will highlight how VisibleGains leveraged the uTest community to test their product before going into a public beta. Along the way, we’ll cover the challenges of testing scope, the test cycle execution and their overall results.

Set-Up, Scope, Deadlines and Deliverables

After more than four months of development, Daniel and his team were nearly ready to release their product into public beta. But fearing that they could have missed rare browser combinations and other odd edge cases, Daniel decided to run a simple functional test with the uTest community. To do that, he would call on his uTest project manager to get the release started off in the right direction.

"uTest really helped us get on board quickly," said Daniel. "They advised us on the test case we created, which took the testers through our entire platform – things like creating videos, deploying videos and measuring analytics. I thought this would be difficult considering that it involved a lot of moving parts, but uTest handled it perfectly."

Less than 24 hours after opening the test cycle, Daniel was able to review bugs and feedback from more than 35 individual testers, who had submitted close to 120 unique bugs – a few which were considered to be “showstoppers” (bugs in need of immediate attention).

"There was one issue with Vista and IE 8 where the ‘upload video’ button wouldn’t show up," said Daniel. "That’s a pretty critical component to a video solution, and something we never would have caught without uTest."

uTest's Project Management Team

Like many who are new to uTest, Daniel was skeptical about crowdsourced testing in practice. Assuming the execution would be chaotic and inefficient, Daniel was pleasantly surprised to learn that his dedicated uTest project manager would oversee the entire process.

"Standing outside of uTest, you start to question how it really works," said Daniel. "There's just going to be 50 people that magically start testing my software? But our PM helped us with test case design; they communicated with the testers and made sure things ran smoothly. They were a huge part of our success."

Next Steps

With the successful launch of their beta product, VisibleGains has adopted a more flexible testing schedule, conducting tests for every major release, as well as for what Daniel calls "sanity checks." With professional testers in short supply, Daniel expects to continue leveraging uTest for most of the company’s QA needs.

"QA is probably one of the toughest skills to find," said Daniel. "As hard as it is to find a great developer, it's ten times harder to find a great QA engineer - someone who is really passionate about the craft. That is what was great about uTest. Sure, there were forty testers on our release, but there were four or five who found 80% of the real critical issues. I would have never had access to them without interviewing close to 100 people. Obviously, it’s not cost-effective for us to go out and interview that many testers."

"Crowdsourcing sometimes requires a lot of effort to extract the value. But with uTest we were able to get going without practically any effort and we started seeing results within 24 hours."
-- Craig Daniel, Co-Founder, VP of Product, VisibleGains
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