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Mortgage Network

Secure Software for Secure Lending

Mortgage Network is a private company that provides a complete range of mortgage banking services throughout the US. Since 1988, the company has earned high praise for its customer service, its network of professional loan officers and many other attributes – including its secure online platform. Of course, secure software doesn’t happen by accident…

As the Sr. Technical Lead for the company’s online platform, Vanessa Grimes was in charge of ensuring a secure user experience for both users of the site (new and returning borrowers) as well as internal employees. But with no professional security testers on-site, Vanessa turned to uTest and its global community of professional software testers.

Over the course of several weeks, a select group of 18 expert security testers from around the world would search for vulnerabilities on the company’s staging environment, checking for XXS, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and other common exploits employed by hackers.

As with all uTest projects, testers would report bugs directly into uTest’s online platform. From there, a dedicated project manager would help the team at Mortgage Network vet bugs based on severity, type, frequency and other criteria. In all, the process made them confident that their online platform was safe from even the most obscure threats.

"Just being able to rely on that [security testing] expertise was really helpful,” said Vanessa. “There were definitely some surprises in terms of what malicious things can be done. Honestly, I was surprised by how much I didn’t know.”

"I liked the flexibility. I liked that I could communicate with the testers without being in the same room. Working with uTest was more of a partnership. Once they showed us a certain vulnerability, we were able to work with them to determine the best possible way to fix it."
-- Vanessa Grimes, Sr. Technical Lead, Mortgage Network
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