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uTest offers app quality solutions across the software development lifecycle for organizations of any size. Whether you're looking to test your latest mobile app or verify the security of your established e-commerce site, uTest has the services you need to ensure your apps perform as well in the hands of your users as they do in your test lab.

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I would like to discover unknown defects or bugs in my app to ensure my app works as well in the hands of my users as it does in the test lab.

I would like to ensure my app is intuitive to use and avoid common pitfalls that could confuse my users.

I would like to make sure my app is ready for use in new geographies and cultures, looking for problems with translations, currencies, addresses, and other country specific issues.

I would like to make sure my app is ready to handle the load it will receive in the real world.

I would like to test my app against common security vulnerabilities that could harm either my users or my business.

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Functional Testing

Functional testing from uTest combines exploratory testing with test case execution. Real, live testers will explore your apps searching for undiscovered issues and defects. They can also complete test cases to run a series of steps across devices ensuring your app meets a level of known quality across a variety of devices, locations and connectivity.

In addition to exploratory testing would you like to have uTest run test cases for your apps?

Do you currently have test cases written?

Approximately how many hours worth of test cases do you have for all of your apps?

Will you need uTest to write test cases for your app?

Would you like uTest to assist you in the creation of test automation scripts?

Usability Testing

uTest offers usability studies with 25 participants and a usability expert to perform remote unmoderated testing. At the end of each study, you will receive a comprehensive report alongside your raw data.

uTest can put you in the shoes of your users with narrated experience captures. Usability participants can capture their screen during app usage and narrate their experience. Would you like to add this capability to your Usability study?

Localization Testing

You indicated that you would like to make sure your app is ready for use in new geographies and cultures – testing for common problems with translations, currencies, addresses, phone numbers, shipping options, and more.

Load Testing

uTest offers a comprehensive load testing solution to help you ensure your app is ready for real world conditions. A performance engineer will work with you to draft load scripts, execute, monitor and report on your load testing.

How much load do you need to effectively test your app?


Security Testing

You would like to test your mobile app against common security vulnerabilities. uTest can help you do this via manual testing with real humans looking for both known and new, creative, types of vulnerabilities. Do you have any other specific needs with regards to security testing?

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