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Mobile is booming, and that's a good thing! But with multiple operating systems and thousands of mobile devices on the market, how can you be sure your app works everywhere, every time and for everyone? uTest brings you in-the-wild testing with real testers on real devices out in the real world to help you find the issues and defects your users are likely to encounter during everyday use.

What We Offer

In-the-Wild Testing

For real world success, test your app beyond the lab and in the wild, where your users live, work and play everyday.

In-The-Wild Testing

Lab environments are places of perfect connectivity, limited devices and updated operating systems. Sadly, that's not the world your app is going to encounter outside the walls of your test lab.

In-the-wild testing can help make sure your app works well in real world situations, such as:

  • On a Range of Devices: The number of mobile devices grows everyday, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, etc. You'd need a warehouse to store all these devices.
  • On-Location: Connectivity changes with network and location, but you can't mimic this in a lab.
  • Outdated Software: Not everyone regularly updates their operating system. Some Android user might not even have access to the newest version. How does your app behave on back OS versions?

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In-the-wild testing helps you feel confident that your app will work in the hands of all your users by moving a portion of your testing out of the lab.

Real Devices

Test your mobile app on actual devices under true real-life conditions. Don't rely on simulators or emulators.

Real Devices

When it comes to mobile app testing, emulators and simulators simply won't cut it. Fingers and touchscreens are much different than mouse clicks. Not to mention your users won't be running a clean testing environment. Their device will be cluttered with other apps, limited memory, changing connectivity and other real world factors that emulators don't take into account.

With access to devices around the world representing the gamut of real-world hardware/software combinations, uTest can help you make sure your app works correctly on real devices, being used by real people (pudgy fingers and all).

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Mobile usability is unlike anything developers have encountered before. Are you following mobile UX best practices to make sure your app looks good and is usable on the small screen of a smartphone and big tablet screens?

Advanced Tools

Stay on top of quality issues with instant notification about problems, both in testing and in production.

Advanced Tools

The uTest Platform lets you track bug reports and test case results in real time and alerts you about the most recent issues and events. The platform integrates with popular bug tracking systems to allow you to quickly and easily pass issues on to your in-house team.

uTest also offers mobile productivity tools to help you track bugs and get feedback throughout the entire software development lifecycle. These tools will help you make sure your app is of the highest quality in every situation.

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Support Across Platforms

With uTest, mobile developers can expand testing coverage across all major mobile devices and operating systems. Our global community of QA professionals can help you with virtually any type of testing project, including:

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Apphance - Mobile Testing Tools

uTest Apphance is a set of tools that allows mobile app developers to distribute builds over-the-air, get in app bug reporting, collect extensive crash reports and obtain user feedback from within the app.

uTest Mobile Customer Spotlights

Find out why companies from startups to Fortune 500s turn to uTest to improve their mobile app quality.

Rocket Matter Logo

When Rocket Matter developed an iPhone app, they wanted to ensure their customers received the same level of quality and security they had come to expect from a Rocket Matter product.

BrandXten Logo

BrandXten used uTest's mobile app testing tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their testing, allowing them to produce apps that wow their clients.

Thrill Call Logo

Thrillcall's apps were about to revolutionize concert discovery for music fans - but they needed real-world testing first, and FAST.

USA Today Logo

USA Today expects to have an app available whenever a new store launches. They also expect their apps to earn at least 4.5 stars. uTest helps on both fronts.

News UK Logo

News UK can’t afford to disappoint its global readers with buggy apps. When it was clear traditional QA wouldn’t cut it, they turned to uTest for in-the-wild testing and device coverage.

Tapulous Logo

When it comes to making a hit game, Tapulous knows quality is key. To make sure their games are a success, they enlisted uTest for high quality testing before launch.

Support For All Testing Types

uTest provides in-the-wild testing solutions across the SDLC including functional, usability, security, localization and load.

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What It Costs

Getting started with uTest is more affordable than you may think. Find out how uTest can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"You can launch a beautifully designed native application, but if it crashes, then it will receive a poor rating and users will go elsewhere. Our goal is to launch nothing short of a 4.5 star app every time - no exceptions. Anyone can read your app store rating. There’s no way to hide poor quality in the world of mobile."

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Heard the news?

In early 2014, uTest will be changing its name to Applause. With an expanded app quality offering including test services, tools, SDKs & integrated analytics, we will do even more to help companies delight their web & mobile users.

The uTest name will live on in our tester community, with an expanded offering for all facets of a tester’s professional life. This includes paid testing projects, hands-on training, networking, events, career resources & more.

While we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re pumped to tackle both of these bigger, bolder challenges. Get the details on this news here.