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Few industries are experiencing as fast a rise in web and mobile applications as the healthcare and fitness industries. From fitness trackers to easily accessible medical record portals, the world of healthcare and fitness is moving online and into mobile quickly.

Making sure these new apps work correctly, are easy to use, protect user privacy and perform when and where they’re needed is challenging. Testing in-the-wild with real, professional testers gives you insight into how your app will perform in the hands of your users - whoever they are.

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Health & Fitness
Industry Challenges

Whether you’re creating an app that connects patients and caregivers to doctors or an app that helps users track their diet and exercise, there is little room for error when it comes to health and fitness apps. When developing and testing an app in this industry, it's important to not get tripped up by challenges like:

  • Security and authenticity need to be airtight for PII, PHI and HIPPA compliance
  • Ensuring the app is usable for your target audience.
  • Geo-location needs to be spot-on for fitness tracking apps
  • Pulling correct information. From medicines to calorie counts, this information needs to be right every time.
  • Can users get the information they need under poor connectivity circumstances?

You can’t afford to make a mistake with your health or fitness app. Thorough testing is necessary before launch.

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Customer Spotlight: NHS Direct

"People use smartphones in many different ways, so we needed to make sure the user experience lived up to expectations." Read about how NHS Direct made sure real patients would be able to use their new mobile app.

How uTest Helps

Real World Testing

The beauty of a health and fitness app is that users can now take this information with them wherever they go. uTest helps you make sure your app works in all these situations by moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the wild.

Extended Coverage

For a health and fitness app to be widely adopted, it needs to work on a variety of devices. uTest gives you access to a network of testers around the world who can test your app on a range of devices, networks, locations, OSes and circumstances.

Custom Testing Teams

With more than 100,000 testers, there are members of our community with health and fitness backgrounds who bring a deep understanding of the field to their testing, giving you better QA value.

Access to Experts

uTest gives you access to testing experts who can take a deeper look at your app’s security and usability. Getting an expert opinion adds an extra layer of protection before your apps reach the general public.

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What It Costs

In-the-wild testing is more affordable than you may think. Find out how uTest can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"If we would have launched without the uTest QA, we would probably have ruined our business. We would have destroyed our chance of a first good impression. We would have had to increase our customer support team in order to handle the calls of unsatisfied customers."

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Heard the news?

In early 2014, uTest will be changing its name to Applause. With an expanded app quality offering including test services, tools, SDKs & integrated analytics, we will do even more to help companies delight their web & mobile users.

The uTest name will live on in our tester community, with an expanded offering for all facets of a tester’s professional life. This includes paid testing projects, hands-on training, networking, events, career resources & more.

While we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re pumped to tackle both of these bigger, bolder challenges. Get the details on this news here.