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For finance and investment applications, security, updated information and timely communication are crucial. Any missteps can cost your customers money and put their personal information at risk.

At the end of the day, your app needs to stand up to real world conditions. Moving part of your testing out of the lab and into the wild is the best way to catch fringe use cases and keep issues that only show up in the real world from affecting your customers when it really counts.

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Finance Industry Challenges

To have a successful financial app, it’s critical to focus on these key factors that often trip up developers in this field.

  • Security, security, security. You app is transferring sensitive personal data. There is zero room for error.
  • Reliable push notifications are important with financial and investment apps. Seconds are precious in this industry.
  • Test for PII security when the app is multitasking or when other apps (which may not be up-to-date) are running on the device.
  • If the app has a geo-location feature, it’s vital to test it in-the-field in several locations.
  • With any apps that involve in-app calculations, these functions should be tested for functionality and localization.
  • Verify that connections work outside of staging environments.
  • Match the level of usability to your intended audience.

Security Testing

Security threats are constantly changing, which means ensuring your app is secure isn't going to get any easier after launch. Our FREE whitepaper Software Security Testing can help you keep up and cover the basics.

How uTest Helps

Security Experts

uTest has dedicated Security Experts who can test your mobile, web or desktop app for common vulnerabilities, new attacks and potential data leaks before they hurt your customers and your reputation. These experts can look at your app before launch or after minor updates, whenever you have a need.

Custom Testing Teams

Whether you need testers who are members of certain banks, young adults trying to balance a tight budget or testers who have a deep understanding of investing, uTest can build you a team with the exact people, devices and locations you need.

Device Coverage

Trying to test your app on every device, OS, browser and version it’s going to encounter in the real world is impossible in-house. uTest puts thousands of hardware/software combinations at your fingertips to ensure all your users have a consistent, delightful experience.

Live Environment Testing

uTesters will test your application using live connections, real credit cards, actual monetary transactions and personal information. This will help you verify that your app will work in the real-world, not just in staging and testing environments.

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What It Costs

In-the-wild testing is more affordable than you may think. Find out how uTest can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"Every bank connection is different, so it was critical that we could test with live data. This is why our use of uTest was so amazing and unique, because the testers had to use their own credit cards to test the system."

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Heard the news?

In early 2014, uTest will be changing its name to Applause. With an expanded app quality offering including test services, tools, SDKs & integrated analytics, we will do even more to help companies delight their web & mobile users.

The uTest name will live on in our tester community, with an expanded offering for all facets of a tester’s professional life. This includes paid testing projects, hands-on training, networking, events, career resources & more.

While we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re pumped to tackle both of these bigger, bolder challenges. Get the details on this news here.