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Tester Hall of Fame - 2014

Honoring the top testers in our community...past and present.

  • Most Valuable Tester (MVT): Sheryl Reed, United States
  • Expert of the Year, Security: Alex Waldmann, Germany
  • Expert of the Year, Usability: Kate Dobroth, United States
  • Expert of the Year, Load: Alex Boitsau, United States
  • Expert of the Year, Automation: Brian Rock, United States
  • TTL of the Year, Onsite: Aviya Oren, Israel
  • TTL of the Year, Remote: Jennifer Eshet, United States
  • Forums Contributor of the Year: Caio Borghoff, Brazil
  • uTester on the Rise: Patryk Raba, Poland
  • Community Choice Award: Prasad Patoju, India


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