2014 Summer Bug Battle

Overview Key Dates Rules Scope Voting Prizes

Only the best battlers will take home their due glory, respect, and $$$.   SUBMIT BUGS NOW!


Bug battles are all the rage these days. Big-name companies from Facebook to Microsoft are offering up bounties to testers that can find the most crucial of bugs bogging down their apps, and putting their companies’ credibility on the line.

These competitions are also an important part of uTest’s rich history, dating back to 2008. And after a four-year hiatus, we’re excited to announce the 2014 Summer Bug Battle, featuring well over $1,000 in total cash prizes! Scroll down for more details.

Be sure to also visit the official Forums Topic for all discussions around the 2014 Summer Bug Battle throughout the course of the event, and to express your interest in a free uTest t-shirt!

Key Dates

  • Start Date: Wednesday, July 23rd
  • End Date: 10am EDT, Wednesday, August 6th
  • Bonus T-shirt Drawing Deadline: 10am EDT, Sunday, August 3rd
  • Community Voting Start Date: Wednesday, August 13th (in uTest Forums)
  • Community Voting End Date: 5pm EDT, Monday, August 18th
  • Winners Announced: Wednesday, August 20th

Rules & Eligibility

  1. You must be registered with uTest in order to be eligible for prizes.
  2. Your submission must be a bug found within ANY testing tool found on our Tool Reviews page, and only from the LATEST version of the tool (i.e. no older versions - bugs will need to be reproduced by our TTLs). If the tool you're testing is not listed on this page, simply submit the entry first prior to submitting your bug. Any software you use to aid you in testing (i.e. Jing for screenshots), whether mobile, desktop or web application, is considered a "testing tool."
  3. Only ONE bug submission per tester will be counted. If multiple entries are submitted, only the last submission will be considered.
  4. Be sure to follow the scope and instructions carefully. Bugs that are out of scope or that do not follow the template will not be considered for prizes.
  5. Being able to reproduce your bug is important, as is proper documentation of screenshots and/or video captures and/or log files. Furthermore, the quality of your bug report will also be considered in selecting our winners.


In-Scope Devices

Any desktop, mobile or web device and environment.

Criteria for impactful and valuable bugs:

  • FOCUS – We are looking for issues that interfere with the ability to utilize the site as a typical end user. Please note: we are not interested in ideas for new features; we are interested in how well the ones that exist work as currently designed. UI bugs are welcome, UX bugs are not.
  • IMPACT – defect significantly affects user ability to use application or important feature
  • VISIBILITY – defects located in an area that all users are likely to notice and could negatively affect user opinion
  • FREQUENCY – defect occurs more than once (The bug must be able to be consistently reproduced multiple times).

Bug Report Guidelines:

Bug Title Format: ‘NAME OF APP: Area where bug was found - Brief description of bug'

Actions Performed: All steps must be numbered and clearly written, starting from the home page. Steps must document End to End detailed reproduction steps.

Additional Environment Info: Please include the device and OS Version. You must also attempt to reproduce any issues on a second browser

Attachments: You must include at least one screenshot and no MORE than THREE attachments.

Out of Scope

  • DO NOT submit more than one bug, but if you do, only the LAST submission will be counted.
  • DO NOT submit bugs from testing tools outside of the Tool Reviews section of the uTest site (you must add the tool to Tool Reviews if it is not already there).
  • DO NOT submit bugs from old versions of these testing tools - only the latest version.
  • DO NOT use boundary testing methods for this cycle.
  • DO NOT report any bug/crash that cannot be reproduced.
  • DO NOT submit any non-Functional bugs
  • DO NOT test form submission functionality of any site such as the "Contact Us" or "Jobs" sections
  • DO NOT test the actual purchasing of products or services (if applicable) – we will not reimburse for any purchases, even if they are related to testing purposes (however, you may test all related functionality up until the final mouse-click of committing to the purchase).


A Team of uTest Test Team Leads (TTLs) will be responsible for the initial round of triaging. Depending on the number of entries, TTLs will forward their top (X Number of) bugs to the Community Management Team for review. 10 of these bugs will then be posted for the community to vote on in the Forums, beginning Wednesday, August 13th.

Poll voting ends @ 5pm EDT on Monday, August 18th. The top three vote-getters will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place prizes. The remaining 7 notable bugs that didn’t make the cut will be awarded “Honorable Mentions.”

Prizes & Winners

  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $300
  • Third Place: $200
  • Seven Honorable Mention Prizes: $50
  • Additionally, five Bug Battle Participants will receive a uTest t-shirt (must reply in the Bug Battle Forums Discussion mentioned above to be eligible for t-shirt drawing)

Winners will be announced in the August Edition of the uTest Monthly Digest on Wednesday, August 20th, and the Top Winners will be notified on or around that date by email.