You want to make sure your app works as expected in the hands of users, and that means testing on real devices, across different OS versions and in a variety of locations.

But when things go wrong, how can you be sure you're getting all the necessary feedback? uTest Apphance is a set of tools that closes the feedback loop between app creators, testers and users to help ensure the best app quality possible. With uTest Apphance you can stay on top of your app's quality in the lab and in production.


Over-the-air build distribution

Make sure your testers are spending their time evaluating the newest version of your app and not wasting time with outdated code. Apphance automatically keeps your testers up-to-date with the latest build of your app, making sure they’re focused on the version that matters.

Apphance Over-The-Air Build Distribution Illustration
Apphance In-App Bug Reporting Illustration

In-App Bug Reporting

Reporting bugs from mobile apps can be cumbersome and frustrating. That means you're potentially unaware of crucial issues. But with Apphance, bug reporting is easy. Your testers can instantly report a bug right within the app, quickly sending you screenshots and additional details about the app and device state. Plus, with our advanced logging technology, you can add your own tracking info to each bug report.

Crash Reporting

Nobody likes it when their apps crash, but with Apphance you will never be caught by surprise when your app crashes in the wild. Each time your app crashes, Apphance will record all the details about the app and device state, tracking them for you online. Plus, our advanced logging technology puts you in control, letting you add your own information to Apphance's crash reports.

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Apphance In-App User Feedback Illustration

In-App User Feedback

When your customers have comments, it’s important to listen. But with mobile apps, soliciting feedback can be a challenge. Apphance makes it easy to get feedback from your users right within the app. So when your users have something to say, they can tell you directly.

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What You Get

In the lab

Apphance gives you control and confidence that your lab testing is producing real results. You can tell at a glance who has tested your app, on what devices and for how long. Apphance makes device management easy with instant over-the-air deployment of new builds to every tester and every device. You'll also get instant information about bugs and crashes, keeping you completely informed about your app's quality across your coverage matrix.

In the Wild

When you combine Apphance with uTest, you combine the data gathering power of Apphance with the testing skills of the uTest community. uTest has more than 100,000 professional testers around the world, providing access to thousands of mobile device and operating system combinations. uTest's community tests in-the-wild, looking for bugs and crashes that are hard to find in the lab, but incredibly common in the hands of real users. You can have all the power of Apphance along with a custom community from uTest, built to match any testing requirements imaginable.

In production

Even though you've finished testing your app and have submitted it to app stores, you still need to keep on top of quality problems. Apphance can automatically notify you about any problems your users experience. With detailed crash reports, you can stay on top of serious quality issues, allowing you to find and fix problems right away. Plus, you can also get comments and other feedback directly from your customers, keeping you in-the-know about what matters to your users and why.

Apphance Where It Works

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In-the-wild testing helps you feel confident that your app will work in the hands of all your users by moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the real world.

"Before Apphance, we might spend 10-20 minutes capturing a bug and taking screenshots. Now it takes a minute. Sometimes I can report a bug in under a minute."

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Heard the news?

In early 2014, uTest will be changing its name to Applause. With an expanded app quality offering including test services, tools, SDKs & integrated analytics, we will do even more to help companies delight their web & mobile users.

The uTest name will live on in our tester community, with an expanded offering for all facets of a tester’s professional life. This includes paid testing projects, hands-on training, networking, events, career resources & more.

While we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re pumped to tackle both of these bigger, bolder challenges. Get the details on this news here.